When I was a little girl attending church services I had no clue as to how church was a business to most people. As a child you are not thinking that you are being led the wrong way. You are thinking about toys, and bubble gum. But, now that I have become an adult it has become clear to me how people take preaching God’s word as a business. The goal has not been to make sure that the people are saved or that there soul is snatched out of the clutches of the devil. The goal has been say whatever I can to make them give their money so that my family can eat. I am saying this, why sign up for ministry if you are not going to trust the God you believed called you to worship Him? It makes so sense even to the natural minded man. Why play with the hand of God, and cause other people to lose their life. It has gotten to the point now where God has to do something because the preachers, apostles, and prophets are becoming more worldly (Getting on hooks of rap songs, Celebrity Name Dropping) in order to entice sinners and conveinence them that they can have a better time partying in the church rather than the streets. This is a shame. When have God ever moved from His stance of being Holy and Righteous to motivate people to worship Him? As I have read my own bible, and strayed away from eating the word of God from the mouth of natural man. I have found that God has never been moved from His throne, and stooped to the level of a creation to convince them that He is the better choice. WE NEED THE TRUTH AND WE NEED THE PEOPLE WHO HAVE AGREED TO SUFFER FOR IT.

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