Deep Thought

Here is a thought….As I am sitting in my office I was looking at the Obituary of my grandmother. As I flipped through the pages my mind went back to the days when I was little, and she was at the stove cooking. As I am a grown woman now I cant help but to think how at the time life is happening…the future awaiting us is a blur. It is the future that seems so far that we pay the closest attention to the present. Today, I am finding peace in the fact that the objective of my faith is to pull that which is blurry and far into my right now sight. Faith was not created to give us hope in the present, but hope in the future. The Bible says that which can be seen is not hope, it is only hope when you cant see it and still believe. You have to possess faith to pull that thing that is far from you, so that you can simply hope in it. Today, pull it to you using faith, only for you to hope in it tomorrow. God I do love you, and I love that the woman you gave to raise me wasn’t perfect. I thank you that through her flaws I was able to learn how perfect you are, and will always be……EBH

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