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EBH Ministries Incorporation, a holding company offering multi-faceted solutions in the areas of product development, curriculum design, and crisis management. Our mission is to educate consumers on the value of integrating cultural and spiritually congruent principles in building corporate leadership.

Our philosophy is Christ-centered. We utilize scriptural authority to assist start ups and existing small to medium-sized businesses in rebranding their company’s mission to impact the global world for Christ.

Ebony Blackmon Humphrey is the Overseer and CEO of EBH Ministries Inc. Mrs. Humphrey holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing from Michigan State University, and a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology from Central Michigan University. She is a licensed Registered Nurse and published author. Her first book titled Inside the Locker Room: A Journey of Faith and the Power of Prayer was published in June 2011 under Creation House, a division of Charisma Media. Her second book, Mynpeace: Winning Back Your First Mind was released in 2013 under Explosion Publishing and Press.

Mrs. Humphrey is a diverse woman of God. She is the mother of six amazing children.

If you would like to invite Mrs. Humphrey to speak at your event submit your booking request under our calendar page. For copies of Inside the Locker Room: A Journey of Faith and the Power of Prayer place your order on EBHMINISTRIES.COM. For information regarding bulk purchasing contact us at:



            mediarelations@ebhministries dot com




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