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The Lord has spoken in 2 Corinthians 4:7, “But we have this treasure in earthen VESSELS, that the excellency of the power may be of God, and not of us.”

I am the eldest child of two. I was born in Saginaw, MI. I was raised by my grandmother who took the responsibilities of caring for me from my mother. My mother tried her very best to raise my sister and I. It was a difficult task as she suffered from mental illness and years of abuse. The life of my mother spilled onto my sister and I. We were faced with the identical Goliaths that on many occasions wanted my mother’s life. I was raised to believe that I was inferior and that I could not achieve anything past waking up in the morning. I grew up climbing trees believing that I could escape all of my problems that were awaiting me on the ground below. As a child I had no sense of belonging. Being placed in the care of others I was the odd man out, and the last one to arrive to the dinner table in order to get the scraps before they went into the trash.

At the age of six years old I was lead to give my life to the Lord. I walked to the front of the church alone to the pastor. He asked me if I knew what I was doing. He said, “Do you know Jesus.” He asked me did I believe that Jesus died for my sins. And I said “Yes.” He then asked me if I believed that He was the Son of God, and I said “Yes.” On that day I fully understood the decision that I had made. I wanted to be saved because I understood the consequences if I wasn’t. I did not want Jesus to come back, and say that I could not go with Him. As my journey in the Lord was beginning, I would look toward the clouds, and ask God to lock the enemy up. And on many days when the skyline was red, I had believed that God had done as I asked. On that day not only did I believe God heard my cry, I knew and felt that He was with me.

Shortly after giving my life to its rightful owner, I was placed in the foster care system for reasons that were in the hands of God. The only thing that I understood at the time was that I couldn’t live with my grandmother anymore. She told me that the child protective services were going to take me away. And the next day the dream in which I wished I was experiencing had come true. I was taken from my grandmother for 18 months. When I returned to her my concept of family, independence, and prayer had all changed. I had become a full fledged woman at the age of ten.

Throughout the trials and tribulations of my life from then until now, I have learned to count it all as joy. The Lord wrote the script for my life. He willed for me to attend college, get married, and have children. I am a graduate of Central Michigan University with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology (Biology Minor & Pre Med Concentration). I am also a graduate of Michigan State University’s Accelerated Nursing Options program. A Doctoral Student of Nursing Practice at the University of Michigan-Flint in Psychiatric Mental Health.

I am a licensed Registered Nurse. My area of concentration is mental health, geriatric care and provision, and commercial development and planning. The Lord has italicized and bold printed in the script of my life several emerging businesses, patent-pending inventions, spiritual mentoring, inspirational speaking, and Kingdom expansion. I am the blessed mother of six children whom I have homeschooled with the guidance of the Holy Spirit. The blessings of the Most High God has spilled in my life like a fountain overflowing, now this time the only thing being passed down is the defeat of Goliath. And I praise God without limits for it all!!!! EBH


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